What files/docs do you need for PCB and PCBA order respectively?2017-11-07T08:12:57+00:00

For only PCB production we need PCB layout data(standard Gerber, or extended Gerber, or Gerber X2, or ODB++, or IPC-2581 for artwork, and/or Excellon, or Sieb & Meyer 1000, or Sieb & Meyer 3000 for drill file) and fabrication drawing. For PCBA order except what is needed for PCB production, we also need centroid data, BOM(.xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt), and assembly drawing.

Do you provide lead-free PCB Assembly?2017-11-07T08:13:52+00:00


What is centroid data?2017-11-07T08:13:34+00:00

This is the machine file which should include X, Y, Theta (Rotation), Side of Board (top or bottom), and Reference Designator. This is sometimes called XYRS data (X,Y, Rotation, Side), pick and place data, or simply XY data. .XLS or .CSV formats are preferred.

To what regulated specifications are PCBs assembled?2017-11-07T08:15:28+00:00

All boards are built to IPC-A-610 Class II requirements. Every board is thoroughly inspected for Quality Control and can be tested per your requirements.

Do you offer PCB testing?2017-11-07T07:34:04+00:00

Every order runs through our Quality Control process at the end of its’ assembly. For more extensive testing, we are happy to test your assembled boards to your requirements. We also offer in-house testing jig/fixture design and build services. For more information regarding PCB testing, please Contact Us for details.

In what formats do you accept parts?2017-11-07T07:30:18+00:00

We gladly accept parts in cut tape, trays, tubes, reels, even bags if necessary…whatever. If you are ordering cut-tape from a vendor please request a continuous strip for the order quantity plus overage.

How do you prevent ESD damage?2017-11-07T07:25:09+00:00

We oversee ESD awareness and certification training for all personnel who are working in, or have access to an ESD sensitive area.
Maintain work instructions, drawings, and other documentation for ESD cautions, markings, and precautionary procedures.
Audit and certify ESD-protected areas on a regular basis.
Ensure that access to protected areas is limited to persons who have completed ESD training.

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