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About usAbout us

Rway Advanced Electronic Co.,Ltd, founded in 2009, conveniently located in Shenzhen China, is an electronic manufacturing service provider and researcher, with speciality in the prototyping and producing of high-quality small to series run PCB/A products, we offer a multitude of operations and services.

Engineering – our highly knowledgeable personnel have rich experience in many design-related issues such as design for manufacture(DFM), design for assembly(DFA), design for test(DFT), etc, by offering our customer these DFx services and tips manufacture hold-on and design re-spin can be avoided, making the difference in saving time, cost, hassle, and producing successful products.

Procurement – though customer can choose to supply all parts, a complete or tailored procurement service can be offered upon request, we source the components saving our customers delivery schedule & stock management concerns, our procurement service means that the customer not only benefits from our network of trusted and reliable suppliers, but also ensures that the process runs smoothly and completed products are delivered on time...

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All under one roof with a single accountable electronics manufacturer.

Turn Times

Turn Times

  • Same day – 4 weeks
  • Scheduled deliveries


  • No minimum order quantity
  • Engineering prototypes
  • Low cost first article builds
Parts Procurement

Parts Procurement

  • Turnkey
  • Kitted/Consigned
  • Partial Turnkey


  • Laser cut stainless steel
  • Nano-coating available
Assembly Types

Assembly Types

  • Surface Mount(SMT)
  • Through-hole(THT)
  • Mixed Technology(SMT/THT)
  • Single/double sided placement
Passive Components

Passive Components

  • As small as 0402 package
  • As small as 0201 with design review
Solder Types

Solder Types

  • Leaded
  • Lead-free/RoHS compliant
  • No-clean process available
Ball Grid Arrays(BGA)

Ball Grid Arrays (BGA)

  • As small as .35mm pitch
  • x-ray inspection
Fine Pitch Components

Fine Pitch Components

  • As small as 15 mil pitch
Other Capabilities

Other Capabilities

  • Repair/Rework services
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electromechanical Assembly

Quality comes as standard – at Rway every PCB and electronic assembly is produced under the control of our ISO9001 quality management system, all electronic manufacturing is in accordance with IPC acceptability standards, and all workmanship is qualified to IPC-A-600 (for acceptance of printed circuit boards) & IPC-A-610 (acceptability of electronic assemblies), we take the greatest care to ensure that your product is manufactured and tested to the highest possible standard. By utilizing proven quality control procedures we always aim to exceed your expectations.

Having been in the industry for about 10 years, we understand the importance of production timescales, so we will provide you with a detailed build schedule from production to packaging, and this can be as flexible as you need with your delivery options.

Ship to more than 100 countries

Our pricing is competitive, reasonable and affordable, having no hidden cost in it, at it we offer the best combination of customer service and product performance, ensuring the highest level of quality to be met, plus, we always seek to help customers reduce/save cost by using the latest technology, newest methodology, and effectively optimizing the manufacturing processes.

ContactWe have a very strong base for customer support, which means our response to customers’ inquiry(no matter it is to quote or order status) is very quick, effective, our sales force are trained to be customer-oriented, passionate and professional, they can work with customers very collaboratively to solve problems that arise, besides, we offer one-stop service ranging from quick-turn PCB prototype to complex end products, it is scalable, flexible that customers can choose what they want.

99% customer satisfaction rate

Rway uses the latest pick & place technology from JUKI to produce reliable PCBAs quickly and precisely.

RS-1 side viewRS-1 side view

- Extreme positional accuracy: ±0.035mm(Cpk≥1)
- Higher throughput: up to 112 8mm tape feeders
- Fast speed of 42,000 CPH
- Handling large PCBs up to L1,200 * W370 mm
- 0201mm up to 74mm square and 50 * 150 mm rectangular parts
- Advanced functionality, maximum flexibility

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Rway sources parts from well-known distributors to ensure consistent quality and reliability of your end products.

Part distributors

Rway serves a wide array of industries that make our everyday live better, the world more connected.

Products applicationProducts application


Renewable Energy


Internet of Things

Consumer Electronics



Household Appliances




Rway’s services and products are widely approved by customers.

Received the boards, wonderfully packaged, found really good for the price. I tested only some of them, and, of course, they are perfect. Thank you very much for your good service.

Paolo Marsigliesi, Italy

I’ve tested/assembled half of them. So far 100% pass rate. I’ve been building these for 5 years, you’re the 4th assembler i’ve used, no one has ever hit 100% before. Nice job. Please pass along my thanks and regards to your team.

Bob Kennett, America

The boards you assembled for us have been functioning very reliably, we are very satisfied with their quality, thank you for your good work, i am sure we will come to you again for other projects soon.

Frank McCabe, Germany

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